Auto Salvage

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Auto Salvage

Auto Salvage | Pro Tow Cash For Junk Cars : NC, Charlotte

Cars don’t last forever, and every car will eventually reach a point where it must be disposed of. There was a time when these cars hit the junk yard and slowly rotted away, but that era has passed. In this age of metal recycling, there is a better option when you need to sell junk cars.

When we buy cars that are flooded, burned, wrecked or have blown engines or transmissions, we start by selling off any and all parts that are salvageable. This helps other people keep their cars running, and it is a great form of recycling that’s great for the environment. It can take a long time for us to find buyers for the various parts, and you certainly don’t want to have the car sitting in your yard for years on end while you wait for buyers. You also don’t want to spend the money on regular advertising while you try to part out the car yourself.

Once the usable parts on the car are sold, the remains will be sold for scrap metal. Recycling companies take the metal, melt it down and transform it into something new. It takes time to go through the entire process, but your car is eventually recycled and put to good use. If you have a car that no longer work, you don’t want to let it sit in your yard and become an eyesore. Call Pro-Tow at 7047632611 to see how much we are willing to pay for the broken down car sitting in your back yard or on the curb.