Junk Car

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Junk Car

Junk Car | Pro Tow Cash For Junk Cars : NC, Charlotte

It’s easy to let a non-functioning car sit on your property, but there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. The first and most obvious is that it’s illegal in most cities around Charlotte to have a car in your yard or driveway that doesn’t run. Cities don’t want the properties to become an eyesore, so they will threaten you with fines and legal action if you don’t remove the junk vans, trucks and cars from the yard.

Cars that aren’t running turn into breeding grounds for mice, rats, raccoons and other pests. With a convenient place to live on your property, they are more likely to cause problems in and around your home.

Over time, they start to rot and fall apart more. The doors slowly ease down on the hinges, the tires go flat and the car becomes more difficult to move. What once had some value for scrap becomes difficult enough to move that you cannot even sell it for the scrap metal. Rather than making money as you sell junk cars, you will wind up having to pay someone to remove the car from your property.

Don’t let junk vehicles become an eyesore, get you in trouble with the city and wind up costing you money. Call us today at 7047632611 to see how much cash you can get for the junk vehicles on your property.